FB01 Sample
PAC-FB01 Powder
PAC Powder to Malaysia
Fengbai PAC Was Shipped to Indonesia
FB01 Sample PAC-FB01 Powder PAC Powder to Malaysia Fengbai PAC Was Shipped to Indonesia
  • Name: Poly Aluminium Chloride
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Product Type: PAC FB01
  • AL2O3 %: ≥30
  • CAS No: 1327-41-9
  • MF: {AL2 (OH) nCL6-n} m
  • HS Code: 28273200

PAC FB01 Chemical 30% For Drinking Water Grade

As one of popular water treatment chemicals, the white PAC FB01 powder from Fengbai is mainly used for drinking water or urban waster water treatment. Besides, it is also widely used in the paper industry, sugar refining, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

As a professional & leading PAC manufacturer in China, Fengbai company can provide high purity grade pac chemicals for all the customers. Therefore, if you want to buy PAC powder 30%, please contact us online or leave a message any time.

High Purity Grade PAC Specification

Item PAC FB01
Appearance White color powder
AL2O3 % ≥30
Basicity % 40-60
PH value (1% aqueous solution) 3.5-5.0
Pb % ≤0.002
Hg % ≤0.00002
Cr 6+ % ≤0.0005
Cd % ≤0.0005
As, % ≤0.0005
Mn, % ≤0.005
SO42- % ≤1.0
Ammoniacal nitrogen % ≤0.01
Packing 25kg PP bag;20 kg PE bag; Jumbo bag
PAC Packing

PAC Chemicals Packing

Why Choose Fengbai Company?

  • After years of development, Henan Fengbai company has owned 3 production lines for Water Treatment Chemicals, Chlorine Chemicals and Anionic Surfactant. And the annual products include 70000 Tons polyaluminium chloride (pac), 15000 tons TCCA, 8000 Tons SDIC and so on.
  • With stringent quality assurance system. These chemical products have already passed the quality certifications, such as ISO9001, SGS, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, etc.
  • So far, these water treatment chemicals from Fengbai have been exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Pakistan, Korea, etc. And the “Fengbai” brand has become more and more popular among customers in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, etc.
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