Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (SDIC·2H2O)

SDIC Granular
Sdic Dihydrate Granular
SDIC Granular 50kg Package
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SDIC·2H2O SDIC Granular Sdic Dihydrate Granular SDIC Granular 50kg Package Fengbai SDIC Chemicals Factory SDIC Chemicals to Brazil
  • Name: SDIC Dihydrate
  • Appearance: White Granule
  • Effective Chlorine: ≥55%
  • PH Value: 6.0-7.0
  • CAS No: 51580-86-0
  • MF: C3Cl2N3NaO3.2H2O
  • Molecular Weight: 255.98

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate (SDIC·2H2O), also called troclosene sodium dihydrate or dichloroisocyanuric acid sodium salt dihydrate, is the dihydrate of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC). It is a colorless, granular solid in appearance. This product is mainly used as a disinfectant, biocide, industrial deodorant and detergent. Besides, it is commonly found in some modern water purification tablets or filters.

Item SDIC·2H2O
Effective chlorine content, % ≥ 55
PH,1% aqueous solution 6.0-7.0
Unsolvable matter 0.1
Moisture,% 10.0-14.0
Granular Size: (8-30 mesh; 20-60 mesh) (size can also be customized according to customers’ requirements).
Packaging 25 kg/woven bag; 1000 kg/woven bag;

25 kg/plastic drum; 50 kg/plastic drum; 50 kg/fibre drum.

Main Uses of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate

  • SDIC sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate can be used for swimming pool and drinking water treatment, or cleaning the industrial circulating water.
  • Used as preventive disinfection of hospital and public place. Also used for agricultural and aquaculture industry.
  • SDIC dihydrate can be used for bleaching the textile, preventing wool from shrinkage, preventing paper by decay, and also as rubber chlorination.
SDIC Chemicals to Brazil

SDIC Chemicals to Brazil

Fengbai SDIC Chemicals Factory

Fengbai SDIC Chemicals Factory

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