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  • Name: Sulfamic Acid Industrial Grade
  • Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
  • Synonyms: Sulphamic Acid
  • CAS No.: 5329-14-6
  • MF: H2NSO3H
  • HS Code: 2811199090
  • UN NO.:2967
  • Molecular Weight: 97.088

Sulfamic acid (also called amidosulfonic acid) is an inorganic solid acid formed by replacing the hydroxyl group of sulfuric acid with an amino group. It is generally a white, odorless crystalline powder with a relative density of 2.126 and a melting point of 205°C. And sulphamic acid is easily soluble in water and liquid ammonia. As long as it is kept dry and not in contact with water, solid sulfamic acid does not absorb moisture and is relatively stable.

The aqueous solution of sulfamic acid has the same strong acidity as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, so it is also called solid sulfuric acid. It has the characteristics of non-volatile, odorless and low toxicity to human body.  As a common chemical raw material, sulfamic acid 99.5% can be widely used in the synthesis of herbicides, fire retardants, sweeteners, preservatives, metal cleaning agents, etc.

ItemStandard (HG/T2527-2011)
Purity %≥99
Sulphate %≤0.2
Fe, ppm≤50
Water insoluble substance %≤0.05
Loss on Drying≤0.1
Heavy metal (Pb), ppm≤10
Packing of sulfamic acid

Plastic woven sack with inner polythene film, N.W:25kg. G.W:25.1kg.

27MT/20’ FCL, if on pallets 25MT/20’ FCL.

UN NO.: 2967

Main Applications of Sulfamic Acid

  • Cleaning Agent. It can react with metal compounds to form soluble salts, has high solubility in water, does not precipitate, and has little corrosion to metals. Therefore, sulfamic acid can be used as a cleaning agent to efficiently remove rust and scale generated in the use of iron, steel, copper, stainless steel, lead, ceramics and other machinery and equipment, thereby greatly extending the service life of the equipment.
  • Textile Industry. Used as a remover in the dye industry, a fixing agent for textile dyeing, forming a fireproof layer on textiles, and can also be used to make mesh agents and other additives in the textile industry.
  • Paper Industry. Sulphamic acid can be used as a bleaching aid to reduce or eliminate the catalytic effect of heavy metal ions in the bleaching liquid, so as to ensure the quality of the bleaching liquid, and at the same time, sulfamic acid can reduce the oxidative degradation of metal ions on fibers and prevent the peeling reaction of fibers. , Improve the strength and whiteness of pulp.
  • Oil Industry. Sulphamic Acid can be used to unblock the oil layer and improve the permeability of the oil layer. The sulfamic acid solution is injected into the carbonate rock oil-producing layer, because the sulfamic acid is easy to react with the oil layer rock, which can avoid the deposition of salt generated by the reaction. Although the treatment cost is slightly higher than with hydrochloric acid, the oil production is doubled.
  • Agricultural. Aminosulfonic acid can be used as a pesticide intermediate in the production of herbicides, and as an anti-blight agent for trees or shrubs.
  • Food Industry. It can be used as a raw material for producing sweeteners such as acesulfame potassium and cyclamate, and is a food and beverage additive.
  • Sulfonating agent. Using sulfamic acid as a catalyst to produce AES has the characteristics of simple equipment, low corrosiveness, mild reaction, and easy control.
  • Electroplating industrial agent. Using aminosulfonic acid in gold plating, copper plating or alloy plating can make the plating layer fine, ductile and highly viscous, and obtain a very bright silver plating surface. Sulfamic acid for sale is used to prepare aminosulfonic acid nickel and is used for low-stress sulphamic acid nickel electroplating, which improves the electroplating quality and shortens the cycle. 
  • Electrochemical polishing agent. In addition, sulphamic acid is also used for electrochemical polishing of titanium alloys and rhodium-rhenium alloys, which can increase the brightness of the alloy surface, thus being used for surface treatment in the aerospace and military fields.

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